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Legal Well well well well well, paint me red and call me a girly scout. I've been saying for months now that there's much more collaboration between Apple and Microsoft than their respective fanboys want to believe, especially when it comes to fighting Google and Android, which both companies partly do via patent suits. More evidence for this has emerged today. Remember CPTN Holdings, the consortium led by Microsoft which bought that bundle of patents from Novell? Which other companies are part of this consortium? EMC. Oracle. Apple.
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There was nothing available in the market remotely like the iPhone before Apple created it. With that single phone launch Apple remade the phone industry and redefined what a phone could do. Every smart phone since has just been trying (and failing) to catch up. Mostly by copying iPhone.

One of the patents with which Nokia are suing Appple is a patent for the "swipe" gesture which is so much a part of the iOS user interface. Another one is the "app store".
Nokia added more salt to Apple's wounds on Thursday by filing a suit in Europe alleging that the U.S. technology company violated 13 patents, including a basic touch-screen maneuver, without permission from Nokia.

β€œThe Nokia inventions protected by these patents include several which enable compelling user experiences,” Paul Melin, a Nokia vice president, told The New York Times. β€œFor example, using a swiping gesture on a touch screen to navigate content, or enabling access to constantly changing services with an on-device app store, both filed more than ten years before the launch of the iPhone.”

Just fyi.

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