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Podcasts The team have managed to pull themselves away from Minecraft long enough to produce a new podcast! The aim of this show to cover the big topics of 2010, including: HTML5 video, the rise of Android, more tablets than you can shake a stick at, handheld gaming biting at Nintendo's heels, companies suing companies and consumer rights degradation, web apps taking over the world, Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Series and capping off with our feelings on the lay of the land in 2011 before we invariably end up back at the crafting of mines.
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As the year draws to an end, I would have liked to come back to predictions for 2010. The ARM powered Linux running Netbooks were hyped up a lot. But none of those actually appeared. There was quite a buzz about this at the beginning of the year.
What happened here? Another Linux on the desktop hype and fail?

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Another Linux on the desktop hype and fail?

If only some large company would get behind a linux-based laptop - maybe they could even give away about 50,000 of them to build market share. Oh well, I guess I can keep on dreaming...

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Those companies all seemed to have jumped ship after Microsoft got in the market.

Which I kind of understand, although we keep wondering if Microsoft actually talked to these companies or atleast the stores.

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I agree.

But I don't think people expected this large uptake from the smartphone and iPads when the netbook came out. You could also say that this is also Linux and ARM.

The iPad is a system on chip which based on ARM design and Android and WebOS are ARM and Linux based.

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True though I would love something like a bigger netwalker ( ), android and iOS are still young in their eco-system.
These 2 OS have almost made mainstream developper aware of alternative to x86. But the momentum is still not there.

On another note, I love the kindle 3 ( despite having recently drowning it), and it is another nice ARM device running linux and Java on top of it.

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Blame Adobe:

I was massively looking forward to this category and it never arrived, instead the OEMs dropped what they were doing and immediately starting making tablets.

I would have much preferred Ubuntu over Android any day.

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Yeah, Android is the walled garden, I don't like that at all. Somehow ChromeOS makes more sense to me, I could imagine running my own 'cloud' (read: server) or doing the something like that for a company.

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