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Windows While Microsoft's Security Essentials has been very well received because of its small footprint and unobtrusive nature, it didn't always rank among the very top when it came to its detection rates. Overall, I'd still say it's one of the best antivirus tools. Now, with version 2.0, Microsoft has improved the detection mechanisms, but of course, it'll take some tests before we can see how effective they are.
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RE[8]: XP not excrement just yet
by bassbeast on Mon 20th Dec 2010 00:01 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: XP not excrement just yet"
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Hi MR Holwerda! I'm afraid this is something I've run into quite a lot, I call it "FOSSie Delusion Syndrome" or FDS. You see as a shop owner that actually sells PCs, and after talking to both other small shop owners as well as regional managers of large shops like Best Buy and Walmart, we have come to the conclusion that NOBODY WANTS LINUX...full stop.

Oh we've all tried selling it, after all in the cutthroat world of PC sales anything that can lower cost means you can undercut the other guy and maybe gain some share. But a funny thing that, we found that with Linux the price actually WENT UP. Why? Because we all were looking at about an 80% return rate, as well as the increased after sale support costs eating up our profits.

Now people with FDS tend to get a little...well pissy and start screaming SHILL! if you break their little fantasy world view. they truly believe that if Linux was just on shelves people would run away from the bad old "M$" and it would all be hearts and kittens and RMS dancing in a field of posies. They seem to forget the world is NOT full of IT nerds and in fact are full of people that just want their software and hardware to work.

Working retail I've actually gone around to the local shops with a little pen and done the math, and you are looking at MAYBE 35% on a given day of the devices being sold at B&M stores actually working in Linux. That new USB AOL printer? Nope. That iPod granny gave you for Xmas? Not a chance. And of the current software on sale about 1 in 100 might work in wine if you fiddled enough.

So I'm sorry you got called a shill Mr Holwerda, but take heart, those of us in retail get it all the time from those with FDS. They just won't accept folks aren't willing to throw away the time and money invested in say Quickbooks or PaintShop Pro for some mess like the Gimp or GNUCash, and they sure aren't gonna toss their nice Apple PMP because the new ones won't work without iTunes.

They can scream about us retailers not offering FOSS OSes, but we ALL have tried it at one point and found them MORE expensive to deal with than Windows. remember that by law anything returned has to be sold as used, often at a loss when it comes to PCs, so it really don't take many returns for Linux to be a money pit. BTW on my worst week I think I saw MAYBE 5% returns on Windows, and a good 50% of those were just clueless users I was able to teach and convince to keep the machine. BIG difference between 2.5% and 80%.

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