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Amiga & AROS A few moments ago, a woman appeared at my doorstep with a package for me. Since it was about 19:30, I was a little perplexed - this isn't a very usual time to be delivering packages. Also, this was a woman who I've seen walking around town before - she's a local. She handed over the package, and when I saw the note on top, I was even more intrigued: "From Trevor Dickinson, A-EON Technology".
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by Morgan on Tue 21st Dec 2010 04:21 UTC
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THIS is why I feel OSNews is a great place to read about and discuss technology news! There's always a pleasant surprise around the corner.

Some of us here in the tech community are getting into augmented reality, i.e. supplanting the real world with a technological overlay. This event is a great example of the opposite: Bringing real, physical humor into the world of processors and operating systems.

I hope you and your family enjoy the hell out of your socks over Christmas, Thom, and have a merry one!

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