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Windows Very light on details, but this is interesting nonetheless - very interesting, and potentially one of the biggest things to have hit the operating systems business this decade. Bloomberg is reporting that Microsoft plans to announce Windows for ARM processors at CES in January 2011.
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RE[5]: what's the point?
by Fergy on Sat 25th Dec 2010 18:14 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: what's the point?"
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"people spreading FUD because they think Microsoft is "evil" and desperately want them to fail.

Truer words have never been posted here. If anyone's desperate here, it's the Anything-But-Microsoft zombies and their bitterness over Microsoft's success. Sadly, they're all too witless to realize that that bandwagon left them behind ages. For mindless wannabe-hipsters, Google's the company that's now cool to hate.
Spreading FUD about MS must be really hard. I think you need people that trust MS before you can spread FUD about it. Only supporting x86 for so long that most competitors of Intel just disappeared or had to move to different markets was bad for consumers.

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