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OSNews, Generic OSes First of all: the entire OSNews team would like to wish you a very merry Christmas. Even if you're not religious, there's always porn on the internet, right? Anywho, these wishes are a bit tardy, but that's because I've been fighting a battle with my computer the past few days trying to find a way to record Minecraft footage so I could make a Christmas wish from inside my creations - a losing battle, so it would seem. So, for Christmas, I have two OSNews Asks items for you to ponder. First, help me record Minecraft footage. Second, and this is of more practical use to myself and probably others as well, help me to set up an automatic backup solution that backs up the contents of one folder on an external hard drive to another external drive.
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RE[5]: omgminecraft
by Thom_Holwerda on Sun 26th Dec 2010 17:13 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: omgminecraft"
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If this statement were coming from Walt Mossberg which, despite what he might think about himself, is as clueless as a doorstep then it would be somewhat understandable but as one of OSNews editors, Thom should definitely know better that that.

And you think I didn't try running it on Linux?

- surround sound issues, optical out not working, and so on.
- X is incompatible with my bog-standard HDTV (1080i). All I get is either a garbled screen, or a black one.

Using another (smaller) monitor, I did get to test everything out.

- Linux could not properly display 720p and up, while Windows could.
- Remote control took hours to get working.
- Random crashes
- Random audio glitches
- Random video glitches
- Sleep/wake did not work.
- Boot time from power button to Boxee twice as long as on Windows 7.

And these are just the issue I remember. I tested all this on two machines, results more or less the same. So please, don't come in here and just assume that I'm talking out of my ass.

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RE[6]: omgminecraft
by DeadFishMan on Sun 26th Dec 2010 20:32 in reply to "RE[5]: omgminecraft"
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That is unfortunate but I still fail to understand how did you jump to the conclusion that Linux-based HTPC solutions are not suitable to anyone just because it did not work particularly well on your setup despite plenty of evidence pointing to the contrary for other people all over the web.

My problem is NOT that Linux did not work for YOU but rather the underhanded comment saying that Linux is not an option for media centers. If we're taking anecdotal evidence here at face value then Windows must be a failure as a HTPC as it is nowhere near this household whereas XBMC has been working flawlessly for quite some time now. See? I can make bold and baseless comments as well... ;)

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RE[7]: omgminecraft
by lucas_maximus on Tue 28th Dec 2010 10:03 in reply to "RE[6]: omgminecraft"
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He highlighted every problem he had, and these are common complaints, when trying to use Linux as a HTPC.

Linux evangelists tend to stick their heads in the sand when people make complaints about using Linux in situation X and Y, and pretend their isn't problems.

I not saying it can't work e.g. Embedded Media Tanks with Linux work fine such as the Popcorn Hour A-200 which I own (and is a very nice bit of kit).

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