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OSNews, Generic OSes Check out the new screencast presenting the Genode Live CD 10.11. For those of you who like to get a glimpse of the recently released Live CD but hesitate to download and boot the ISO image, the Genode developers have prepared a screencast on Youtube with a guided walk-through.
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RE[3]: QT apps
by AndrewZ on Mon 27th Dec 2010 16:02 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: QT apps"
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What would it take? You have to have some kind of support for an underlying windowing system. Video drivers, screen coordinates, bitmaps, mouse input, etc. This is not rocket science but it must be written by someone first.

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RE[4]: QT apps
by pandronic on Mon 27th Dec 2010 18:37 in reply to "RE[3]: QT apps"
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Well Arora seems to work pretty well under Genode, so a lot of work is already done. I'm asking what's left?

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RE[4]: QT apps
by nfeske on Mon 27th Dec 2010 19:31 in reply to "RE[3]: QT apps"
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Fortunately, the pieces you're mentioning are already there.

I haven't looked into koffice yet. One would need to take a closer look at kdelibs and their respective dependencies. These dependencies must be resolved by either porting the libraries or reimplementing their interfaces. For example, if koffice happens to rely on dbus, we would need to find a way to emulate (parts of) the dbus API on Genode.

That said, I think there are quite a few interesting engineering problems to tackle but I see no fundamental road block that would prevent such an endeavour.

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