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BeOS & Derivatives Gutenprint is a suite of printer drivers that can be used with UNIX and Linux print spooling systems, such as CUPS (Common UNIX Printing System), lpr, LPRng, and others. Gutenprint currently supports over 700 printer models. Gutenprint was recently ported to Haiku, both increasing its printing capabilities, as well as extending its supported printer models. This article describes Gutenprint and the effort to port it to Haiku.
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RE[5]: ;(
by stippi on Mon 27th Dec 2010 22:14 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: ;("
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I am really sorry that you do not feel your efforts are appreciated. I think in reality they are much more appreciated than you think. For example, a couple years ago you brought it to my attention that Haikuware and the bounty program are not mentioned in Haiku's about box. I immediately recognized this great mistake and placed a prominent notice, right besides the mentioning of the Google Summer of Code program.

Sometimes when you tried to communicate with me directly, I have encouraged you to use the proper channels. Good things did come out of it, like the "LibPak" optional meta package that Scott created which is based on your initial suggestions.

Then I know for a fact that the WiFi bounty is very much appreciated by Axel, one of our most prominent developers and also on the Haiku Inc BOD. Unfortunately he didn't finish it 100% in time, but good things came from it and it is most certainly appreciated. Haikuware bounties do get frequently mentioned in blog posts to the main Haiku site, and those are often pushed to the front page.

I hope you can see that the appreciation is definitely there, and I hope more people in the project will give Haikuware the credit that it deserves, when they see the chance.

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Good news for Gallium Port
by Michael Oliveira on Tue 28th Dec 2010 04:22 in reply to "RE[5]: ;("
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Seems that Gallium Port reached the target amount US$ 2.000,00.

I could buy a car with this money if I could write code.. ;)

Maybe a new entry in the right side news here in OSNews...

Edited 2010-12-28 04:23 UTC

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RE: Good news for Gallium Port
by koki on Tue 28th Dec 2010 18:04 in reply to "Good news for Gallium Port"
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Maybe a new entry in the right side news here in OSNews...

The best would be to add a block in one or more prominent places of the Haiku website (front page, development section, etc.) with links to both the bounties main page on Haikuware and individual active bounties (ie., alternating a few active bounties in a random manner).

This would kill two birds with one stone, as it would undeniably formalize Haiku's recognition to Karl's effort and it would also provide the most relevant exposure possible to the bounties.

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