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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless I have often wondered why there wasn't a flood of Android portable media players - now the WSJ Reports: "With the move, Samsung will round out a series of Galaxy-named gadgets that matches product for product with Apple Inc.'s line of iPods, iPad and iPhone. Samsung will have the Galaxy Player, Galaxy Tab and Galaxy smartphone. All use a variation of Google Inc.'s Android operating system and work with apps developed for it."
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RE[3]: Good move
by kaiwai on Thu 30th Dec 2010 06:18 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Good move"
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They aren't selling them in stores which is what matters.

People can ask for a touch for Christmas and then later get an iphone. The touch is also popular with teens and kids as a gaming device. Samsung is making a good move here.

I don't know about the US where everything seems to be 30 years behind New Zealand but I can buy it straight from Apple online, Magnummac, Noel Leeming, Bond & Bond, JB Hi-Fi, Dick Smiths and, Vodafone online store and 'bricks and mortar' shop all full price and without a contract. I can then take that phone and run it on XT Network, Vodafone or 2 Degrees if I so wish. Maybe the complaint should be about the antiquated way in which the US mobile phone market operates instead of using the US as the 'example' or 'litmus test' as to how the rest of the world operates.

Edit: I hope my post didn't come off as overly aggressive but one has to take into account the US experience cannot be replicated globally.

Edit 2: I'm surprised you're singing the praise of it given that apparently the 'Galaxy Tab has turned me off of tablets':

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RE[4]: Good move
by nt_jerkface on Thu 30th Dec 2010 08:49 in reply to "RE[3]: Good move"
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The US cell system is more like a laboratory for the rest of the world. Be glad your country can trade wool sweaters and mutton for the all the neat gadgets that are invented and tested here.

Oh look I can take cheap shots too.

As for the Galaxy tab I consider it unusable but I'm willing to give future Samsung products a fair try and an Android alternative to the ipod touch is a great idea. The ipod touch is the #2 mp3 player at Amazon, so why shouldn't they try to enter that market?

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RE[5]: Good move
by Yanni Depp on Thu 30th Dec 2010 09:54 in reply to "RE[4]: Good move"
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So you have a 'laboratory' of half-baked networks running on different standards, making it difficult or impossible to take your phone from one provider to another, and little or no international roaming (and no iPhone) if you use CDMA.

I have five networks based on the same international standard (GSM), that cover my entire country, and I can run my phone on any of them without any difficulty.

Sounds like your precious country needs to try a lot harder. The 1980s called and they want their 'laboratory' back.

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RE[5]: Good move
by JAlexoid on Thu 30th Dec 2010 10:20 in reply to "RE[4]: Good move"
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The US cell system is more like a laboratory for the rest of the world.

Oh, you mean the antiquated laboratory that scientists sometimes visit to remember how "good it was years ago"?

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