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Internet & Networking "In October Commtouch reported an 18% drop in global spam levels (comparing September and October). This was largely attributed to the closure of Spamit around the end of September. Spamit is the organization allegedly behind a fair percentage of the worlds pharmacy spam. Analysis of the spam trends to date reveals a further drop in the amounts of spam sent during Q4 2010. December's daily average was around 30% less than September's. The average spam level for the quarter was 83% down from 88% in Q3 2010. The beginning of December saw a low of nearly 74%."
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anti spam entrepeneurs
by fran on Thu 30th Dec 2010 23:53 UTC
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There is one other reason why these companies are starting to close down. Fines and lawsuits are ruining them.

For some suing spammers has become a vocation.
One Californian man, sue spammers as a livelihood.]

First there was the "Can Spam Lawyers" defending these companies, but now thanks to new laws, "anti-spam lawyers" has increased.

These lawsuits is problematic however and can leave you with the tab.

New laws is tightening the screws also.
A Facebook spammer for example got fined $1 Billion by the US and the ruling was upheld by Canada.
This particular guy sent out more than 4 million spam messages on Facebook.

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