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RISC OS The debate over whether or not RISC OS should be open sourced took another turn this week when Peter Naulls argued that "certain parts" of the OS could be released under an open source licence. The State-side coder behind various ports including Firefox said this would ideally include "crucial parts that affect all users, even if they don't realise it, parts that can be created from scratch and made much better than the Acorn original, and parts which can managed by specific developers who already understand them well."
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Here are some facts.
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Xscale is not an ARM. It simply executes ARM code, and passes the test suite. The reason that flash isn't used in RiscPCs isn't because it's too expensive, it's just plain incompatible and unreliable. Iyonixes and A9Homes are Flash-based, IIRC. You can replace the ROMs in software with a softload that "overlays" the ROM for short-term upgrades. RISC OS's speed has nothing to do with it running from ROM rather than a hard disc. Pre-emptive multitasking would require pretty much every piece of software to be rewritten - there are many things where there is only one context. RISC OS needs a lot of work to be ported to a new device, nomatter which ARM-like CPU it has. RISC OS is old, unstable, and has little development done on it.

There, that should set straight some of the utter bull been said here.

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