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Windows And this is part two of the story: Microsoft has just confirmed the next version of Windows NT (referring to it as NT for clarity's sake) will be available for ARM - or more specifically, SoCs from NVIDIA, Qualcomm, and Texas Instruments. Also announced today at CES is Microsoft Office for ARM. Both Windows NT and Microsoft Office were shown running on ARM during a press conference for the fact at CES in Las Vegas.
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Everyone remember we have seen this before.
by oiaohm on Wed 5th Jan 2011 23:27 UTC
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Windows on PPC and other platforms did exist. PPC did have MS Office and most of the MS product line as well. Just no one else was making applications for it.

Name the 1 problem about people migrating there desktop to Linux. Legacy windows programs that will not be ported.

Windows 8 on ARM will suffer the same problems. I do support for Wine we do get regular questions to port Wine to windows to run old legacy games that work in wine but not Windows.

The legacy issue is huge road block to Linux. But is also a reason why some users are using Linux.

With Windows 8 on Arm I cannot see where it will not be just a full road block. Not that I have seen .Net take off enough to counter this.

Final major question. What is going to happen to Windows CE. Is Windows Phone 7 going to be the last CE? It would make sense from cost cutting point of view.

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Legacy windows programs that will not be ported.

I'm not sure how many legacy programs I used in last several years. Probably zero?
Everything what is not supported do not worth supporting.

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