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Google Stuff just keeps on piling up today - and I'm trying to work through my second playthrough of Mass Effect 2 on insanity (fourth playthrough overall). I have the sneaking suspicion, though, that nobody sympathises with my problems... Anywho, Google just unveiled the tablet user interface for Android 3.0, Honeycomb. Looks pretty decent I guess - somehow, it reminds me of Tron.
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It already happens, if I'm not misunderstood. Low-end Android phones still run 1.x, on which many apps designed for 2.x won't work. Only the look&feel remains.

When I watch this video, Honeycomb really looks a lot like android 2.x, just slightly revised for a different form factor. So although they changed it at the core to make it fit for tablet use, maybe from an end-user point of view it won't be much different in terms of look and feel. Kind of like iOS for iPhone vs iOS for iPad : incompatible, but similar.

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