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Mac OS X Remember the good old days? The good old days when people cried loads of foul over the inconsistency in the Windows user interface? You know, applications deviating from the norm - with even Microsoft seemingly doing whatever pleased them? This was considered a huge problem, especially by those from the Macintosh and Apple camp. Oh, how the times have changed.
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But comparing it to Microsoft cleaning up Vista and refining the UI with Windows 7 is just plain wrong, at least in my book.

Microsofts major thing for Windows 7 was to remove all the farging toolbar icons and replace it with plain text labels. UGLY.
Facepalm. That's called a usability improvement. You know, so you don't have to memorise what all those obscure icons represent, or mouse over them and hope that tooltips feel like working today (something MS and GTK+ devs never seem to be able to fix).

They then did the same thing with the Windows Live tools like Live mail, etc to remove all the pretty icons and replace it with plain text. UGLY!
Again, facepalm. The problem wit apps like Live Messenger is not that they removed all the icons; it's that they removed all the widget borders and to add torture to torment, went about deliberately misaligning every widget, causing users' brains to segfault by destroying the visual relationship hints between widgets and actively obfuscating them.

Beyond mind-boggling inconsistency, aesthetics is the least of MS' design woes.

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