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GNU, GPL, Open Source Some people swore to me that just because the free-software General Public License (GPL) clashes with the Apple App Store's Terms of Service (ToS), didn't mean that Apple would actually pull down GPLed apps. Well, Apple just did. Remi Denis-Courmont, a Linux developer of the popular VLC media player, has just announced that Apple had pulled the popular GPLed VLC media player from its App Store.
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Three reasons
by fran on Sat 8th Jan 2011 22:43 UTC
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Like it or not the reasons is three fold.

VLC was said to bring more media playback options to iphone. Apple might not want that for various reasons.
It's media purveyor business and itunes business related.

Pro-actively protecting that 30% cut revenue stream it get from each app sold.
VLC is download and donate ware.

Appease concerned iphone app developers that will resent the presence of good&free applications

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RE: Three reasons
by tetek on Sat 8th Jan 2011 22:48 in reply to "Three reasons"
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VLC was removed from AppStore case VideoLAN ASKED for it.

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RE[2]: Three reasons
by FrankenFuss on Sun 9th Jan 2011 19:44 in reply to "RE: Three reasons"
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VLC was removed from AppStore case VideoLAN ASKED for it.

VideoLAN DIDN'T ask for it. It was one of the developers of VideoLAN that forced the issue. VideoLAN and the company that was distributing the app on the App Store wanted to keep it there. And, that's the unfortunate thing about this whole fiasco. It's going to give a lot of developers pause about using open source.

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