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AMD "On the same day that we learn VIA's Linux support is basically dead and after a troubling week for Intel with regards to open-source graphics support for their new Sandy Bridge CPUs, Advanced Micro Devices has come forward and released open-source graphics driver support for their AMD Radeon HD 6000 series of graphics cards."
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by Kivada on Sun 9th Jan 2011 00:49 UTC in reply to "/dev/null/viaamd"
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Someone knows jack all about what they're talking about... FYI, ASRock is part of ASUS, Have a look at their current lineup, they currently offer the some of the best boards for AMD.

VIAs chipsets, while not great got a worse wrap then they deserved. Their biggest problem right now is short sightedness in the X86 market. But maybe they can come up with a good implementation of the ARM Cortex A15 spec. The only issue there is, "can they actually get a OSS driver together for their GPUs?"

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