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Legal When it comes to the Wikileaks saga, we've been trying to only report on it if it crosses into the realm of technology. It was revealed yesterday and today that the US Justice Department has sent subpoenas to Twitter, demanding the personal information of several Wikileaks supporters who use Twitter. One of them is a member of the Icelandic parliament.
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A little trivia
by MyNameIsNot4Letter on Sun 9th Jan 2011 15:56 UTC
Member since:

[...] is the oldest still functioning parliament in the world

I have an older one:

"Respecting the fact, that the Faroes were explored earlier than Iceland and had the same Norse rules, there is not much doubt, that the Faroese ting is older than that of Iceland, which was founded in 930."


P.s. Why does OSNews "lock out" people with names shorter then 4 letters? I know several people with names of 2 and 3 letter names :/

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