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GNU, GPL, Open Source Some people swore to me that just because the free-software General Public License (GPL) clashes with the Apple App Store's Terms of Service (ToS), didn't mean that Apple would actually pull down GPLed apps. Well, Apple just did. Remi Denis-Courmont, a Linux developer of the popular VLC media player, has just announced that Apple had pulled the popular GPLed VLC media player from its App Store.
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They say they will work on an OS; they do not say an OS is compatible with them.

Are you sure?

Windows Vista Compatibility Center:

Windows 7 Compatibility Center:

As for the specs included with individual software, obviously no one is going to waste their time listing hundreds of 100% irrelevant operating systems. It would be a waste of their time and leave the user wondering, "well what the f*** is this POS compatible with, then?" without even bothering to read all that garbage.

Basically, that's a poor comparison; there are obvious reasons why you don't list operating systems that are *not* compatible, starting with the fact that it would be a completely useless piece of information to go by (and seemingly never-ending with all the different choices out there).

There's a reason why proprietary Linux software doesn't list 125-150 of the 300+ distributions out there, and instead choose to mention general specifications such as "Linux 2.6 kernel, glibc x.x.x and up; OpenGL hardware acceleration; OSS or Alsa, etc.," or even something more general like "Most major Linux distributions from around 2007" or whatever.

It sounds like you're complaining about nothing more than language--and in this case I honestly see nothing to complain about to begin with. I don't see any negativity; just facts, on the page you referred to.

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