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Hardware, Embedded Systems "While the availability of power in certain regions of the world cannot be solved by the OLPC, it can improve upon the power use of the XO Laptop. And with v1.75 they have managed to half that power use. The reason this has been made possible is the move to use an ARM rather than an x86 processor. So now rather than drawing 4 watts of power, the XO-1.75 draws 2 watts. The new chip being used is a 1GHz Armada 610 from Marvell." Update : Here are some clarifications regarding the use of ARM chips and Linux at OLPC.
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RE: Hmmmm
by CoolGoose on Mon 10th Jan 2011 16:57 UTC in reply to "Hmmmm"
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No need to demonstrate that every community has a troll in it.

XO is a nice project, didn't quite come trough but the idea is good and they're polishing up the implementation.

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RE[2]: Hmmmm
by djitanium on Tue 11th Jan 2011 16:43 in reply to "RE: Hmmmm"
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No need to demonstrate that there are still people who think the XO is a great product.

Some freetard: "Let's build a new UI (Sugar) that is different from that of every other operating system- that way if the kids actually learn to use a real computer, they will have to learn all over again! Splendid idea!"

It would be better to give the kids crack.

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RE[3]: Hmmmm
by Yama on Wed 12th Jan 2011 06:25 in reply to "RE[2]: Hmmmm"
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No, it would be crack for kids to be forced to use a UI originally designed in the 1960s for office workers. It's not about learning the computer, it's about the computer being intuitive enough for the specific purpose of children's education. They should be able to get straight to learning about what they're supposed to be learning, not wasting their time fiddling around with a suboptimal UI. What use are office metaphors such as files, folders, etc. to a child who has never seen an office?

I've seen loads of kids just open an XO and start doing interesting things with it within minutes, by themselves. It's an amazing sight to watch.

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