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Windows Since the big Windows news last week was the announcement that the next version of Windows will run on ARM, this one kind of slipped in under the radar. It's a rumour, but confirmed by different people: there will be a new application model in Windows 8, currently named Jupiter, while thee will also be a tile-based interface for tablets. It seems like the pieces of the puzzle are all falling into place: Windows NT everywhere, Silverlight/.Net everywhere.
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Microsoft is quickly moving away from Silverlight and now promoting it as for windows mobile development, and for use in some media sectors.

They are focusing away from it's original mission and moving it to more niche use only.

I would not base any long term strategy on Silverlight if I was a developer. You might want to think long and hard about investing much effort into that idea.

Alternative translation: "Hey, Silverlight devs, you were great, really, but we've got an early meeting, so go call yourself a cab. We'll totally drop you a tweet or something though, kthnxbyenow."

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I think you failed to understand that story. Silverlight will no longer be promoted as an alternative to Flash - but everything, including the Microsoft experts and Microsoft itself, are pointing towards a future of which Silverlight and .Net are a major part.

I think you ought to go back and re-read that story.

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