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Mac OS X Now that the Mac App Store has been snuck installed onto your machine alongside Mac OS X 10.6.6, you might be wondering - is there some way to remove that monstrosity of an application from my Mac? While it's not officially supported, it does seem like Apple has taken this scenario into account.
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I don't think it's ugly...
by thavith_osn on Tue 11th Jan 2011 00:36 UTC
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...but it's not beautiful either, it's just an App.

If the App Store ran slowly, then that would be a different story.

The store allows you to install apps with no need to worry about serial keys, migration to other Macs you might have, the install process, upgrades and so on. What more could you want? (You know MS are hard at work trying do the same thing - I hope so anyway).

If you want to see ugly, run a lot of Java Apps on the Mac, esp. those ported from other platforms.

I think the UI works quite well and is obviously designed to be kept to a minimum. As for consistency, if I remember correctly, the Mac App Store is designed with 10.7 in mind, so if anything, you will have a taste of what is to come now (just like FaceTime)

The only concern I have is if this will become the *ONLY* way to install apps onto a Mac but to be honest, I'm not too worried about that.

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RE: I don't think it's ugly...
by TheGZeus on Tue 11th Jan 2011 02:35 in reply to "I don't think it's ugly..."
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Your English has been poisoned.

"Application", "program", or "even operating system 'feature'" are all valid.
'App' is slang/jargon for things installed via an "App store".

The antidote is well known, but seems to be rarely used by those with this variety of diction-poisoning: a dictionary.

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aliquis Member since:

"Application", "program", or "even operating system 'feature'" are all valid.
'App' is slang/jargon for things installed via an "App store".
a dictionary.
Thanks for defining how everyone else should use their language oh great one.

Personally I do understand that "app" mean "application" which would also be the equivalent of program.

And regarding the dictionary it's most likely outdated and don't contain the word app .. So there you go ;)

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tryfan Member since:

"App, as a short form for "application", has been used since dinosaurs roamed the computer.
Visicalc and Lotus 1-2-3 were often called the first "killer apps" for MS-DOS, and ever since Linux appeared on the desktop people have been complaining about the lack of "killer apps".
The only thing it has to do with "app store" is that the a-s is a method for distributing app(lication)s.

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