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Mac OS X Now that the Mac App Store has been snuck installed onto your machine alongside Mac OS X 10.6.6, you might be wondering - is there some way to remove that monstrosity of an application from my Mac? While it's not officially supported, it does seem like Apple has taken this scenario into account.
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RE[5]: I don't think it's ugly...
by jal_ on Tue 11th Jan 2011 10:30 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: I don't think it's ugly..."
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But they are the same? So why do you find it confusing?

They are the same technically, but not functionally. If a hospital developes an application, that's meant for internal use, to aid hospital personal, or at most to interface with the "customers" via a webportal. If a hospital develops an app, that's for use by "customers" for their personal use (but with functionality linked to the hospital's function). That's a whole world of difference.

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BluenoseJake Member since:

Splitting some hairs there, don't ya think? If I write a program, It can be called a program, an application, an app, a proggy, or whatever. It's still just a bit of executable code that runs when called.

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jal_ Member since:

Again, that's from a technical point of view. I was arguing from a functional point of view, from which the difference between an app and a "normal" application is as huge as between post-it and a novel.

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TheGZeus Member since:

That's... not what those words mean.

You've come to think of it that way, but those definitions have no relation to the reality of their origins or uses.

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jal_ Member since:

those definitions have no relation to the reality of their origins or uses.

Let's not start a linguistic war here, shall we? To the general public, "app" means something different than "computer program", and why shouldn't it?

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aliquis Member since:

Why does it mean that? Why can't a hospital develop one for their patients / anyone?

Which kinda is what they did, if you found it confusing be cause it wasn't internal ;)

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