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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless While everybody outside of the US has been able to mix and match iPhone and wireless operator, the iPhone was still tied to a single carrier in the US. Today, Verizon and Apple announced the much-hyped Verizon iPhone 4. While the rest of the world collectively yawns, this is good news for American consumers, since there will be more competition, and thus, more choice. Edit: Eh, the other way around. First choice, then competition.
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RE: already out of date
by kaiwai on Tue 11th Jan 2011 21:03 UTC in reply to "already out of date"
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Depends on how you define 4G:

Given how casually '4G' is thrown around, and the specifications for that said phone, I most certainly wouldn't call it a 4G device any more than AT&T trying to claim that its HSDPA+ network is some how '4G'. Sorry, just because you really like the sound of 4G and slap it on anything you see fit it doesn't change the fact that it isn't 4G. The said device uses CDMA for its data and voice, it has the capacity to use wimax but it is still using CDMA 99% of the time for what it needs to do.

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