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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless While everybody outside of the US has been able to mix and match iPhone and wireless operator, the iPhone was still tied to a single carrier in the US. Today, Verizon and Apple announced the much-hyped Verizon iPhone 4. While the rest of the world collectively yawns, this is good news for American consumers, since there will be more competition, and thus, more choice. Edit: Eh, the other way around. First choice, then competition.
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RE: Not quite correct.
by mrhasbean on Tue 11th Jan 2011 23:38 UTC in reply to "Not quite correct."
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Not everyone around the world is able to "mix and match" as you put it. In Korea, Japan, China, and a number of other countries, including some in Europe, the iPhone is available on just one network.

Yes they use that old myth - "all markets other than America offer iPhone on multiple carriers" - to bolster their arguments about Android's meteoric rise, just as they ignore the fact that there are many people who will never buy anything but a Motorola (or insert your preferred brand here) phone, or will only ever go with Vodafone (or insert your preferred carrier here), or conversely would never go with AT&T (or insert the sole iPhone carrier from your country here), or would never buy an Apple product, or that around 20% of Android users would prefer an iPhone (5 - 6% the other way around).

Generalisations and statistics can be used to prove whatever you want them to...

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RE[2]: Not quite correct.
by melgross on Tue 11th Jan 2011 23:57 in reply to "RE: Not quite correct."
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Yes, that's correct. And you can see that I've already been marked down one point in that post by those who don't want to read the truth. Android fanboys are much worse than iPhone fanboys.

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