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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless While everybody outside of the US has been able to mix and match iPhone and wireless operator, the iPhone was still tied to a single carrier in the US. Today, Verizon and Apple announced the much-hyped Verizon iPhone 4. While the rest of the world collectively yawns, this is good news for American consumers, since there will be more competition, and thus, more choice. Edit: Eh, the other way around. First choice, then competition.
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RE[3]: Heh
by Neolander on Wed 12th Jan 2011 06:04 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Heh"
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If you really don't care, then you're simply not the target audience of this comment. No need to feel offended.

See John Gruber ? The kind of people who will try to follow and justify evry single move from Apple even when they are inconsistent ? Who would be able to defent Apple even when they're advocating inconsistent user interfaces - which is the paramount of irony after all these years preaching usability and good design ? Do you imagine someone who's able to follow such a blog and agree with it without feeling the slightest bit schizophrenic ? That's the kind of people which I had in mind.

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RE[4]: Heh
by Stratoukos on Wed 12th Jan 2011 18:38 in reply to "RE[3]: Heh"
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Reminds me of something I read in Cracked. It was about political talk shows, but I think it applies.

If a political talk show is going to get ratings, it has to have two things in every episode:

A. A clear, simple thesis (ie, Liberals Are Destroying America, Corporations Are Destroying America) that continues through every single segment;
B. Up to the minute commentary on current events.

You see the problem: These two things are going to sometimes conflict.

Even if the thesis of a show is Pie is Awesome, the host is still going to wake up one day and see headlines about a pie recall because some tainted filling killed 173 people. Guess what: he still has to do a show that day about why Pie is Awesome. He will manipulate B to make it fit A, even if he has to lie. He doesn't draw a paycheck otherwise.

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