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Windows Since the big Windows news last week was the announcement that the next version of Windows will run on ARM, this one kind of slipped in under the radar. It's a rumour, but confirmed by different people: there will be a new application model in Windows 8, currently named Jupiter, while thee will also be a tile-based interface for tablets. It seems like the pieces of the puzzle are all falling into place: Windows NT everywhere, Silverlight/.Net everywhere.
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by kaiwai on Wed 12th Jan 2011 22:27 UTC in reply to "Agreed"
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There is a rumour that there is going to be a move away from PowerPC for the XBox, I'm not too sure how reliable the rumour is but I wouldn't be surprised if it means that they can place a super strip down embedded version of Windows NT sitting at the core with DirectX 11 and a minimal set of API's for games developers. Having an operating system that scales from super computers down to games machines not only makes sense for third party developers but for Microsoft it will lower costs, simplify maintenance and less duplication of numerous operating systems developing and re-inventing the wheel at the same time.

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