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Internet & Networking With yesterday's news that Google will be dropping H.264 support from the Chrome web browser, the internet was split in half. One one side, there's people who applaud the move, who are happy that Google is pushing an open, royalty-free and unencumbered video codec (irrespective of Google's motivation). On the other side, there are the H.264 supporters, who believe that H.264 is the one and only choice for HTML5 video. One of the most vocal and public figures in the latter group is John Gruber. Following his five questions for Google, here are ten questions for Gruber about WebM, H.264, and standards on the web.
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RE: Best analysis yet...
by segedunum on Thu 13th Jan 2011 17:21 UTC in reply to "Best analysis yet..."
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I couldn't give a shit, frankly. What WebM is really about is Google being afraid of being held over a barrel with YouTube if the content on there was to be largely raw h.264. Good for them. I would be.

The rest of us getting a genuinely free format, with working code no less, that can be implemented freely into any operating system, software or any new device that comes on the market without the say-so of an organisation of trolls (or indeed Google) who would rather others were kept out.

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