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GNU, GPL, Open Source "Steve Chang, the Chairman of Trend Micro, has kicked up a controversy by claiming that open source software is inherently less secure. When talking about the security of smartphones, Chang claimed that the iPhone is more secure than Android because being an open-source platform, attackers know more about the underlying architecture."
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Oh wait, I run Linux, so I wouldn't need to.

Really, Trend Micro seemed like a step above McAfee and Norton years ago as a company, but they're quickly decimating their own image with their latest actions. Now they're right up there with the big boys as a company I would never recommend, and in fact would recommend against. I don't remember if I ever paid for and used their suite in the past, but now I hope I didn't.

Well, there's always Microsoft Security Essentials, which so far is probably better at staying out of its way and nagging you (no paid "subscriptions"). Too bad little Windows fleas like these guys would have a shit fit and cry "antitrust" to the legal system if Microsoft bundled their malware/virus protection program with Windows, as in an ideal world should be done. In an ideal world, no matter what some pathetic "anti-virus" company says, improved security of an operating system should always be allowed, under any circumstances... even despite antitrust concerns. It should be an exception.

Sorry Chang, Windows vs. Everything Else doesn't support your claim of security through obscurity ruling over open code.

Trend Micro, you are not needed any longer. Go f*** yourselves.

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