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Mozilla & Gecko clones Yesterday, the ninth Firefox 4.0 beta was released. One of the major new features in Firefox 4.0 is hardware acceleration for anything from canvas drawing to video rendering. Sadly, this feature won't make its way to the Linux version of Firefox 4.0. The reason? X' drivers are "disastrously buggy". Update: Benoit Jacob informed my via email that there's some important nuance: hardware acceleration (OpenGL only) on Linux has been implemented, but due to bugs and issues, only one driver so far has been whitelisted (the proprietary NVIDIA driver).
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RE: If it's that bad
by jacquouille on Sat 15th Jan 2011 16:17 UTC in reply to "If it's that bad"
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That's exactly what we are doing ;-) the NVIDIA proprietary driver is whitelisted at the moment. So you get WebGL right away. If you want accelerated compositing too (at the risk of losing the benefit of XRender) go to about:config and set layers.acceleration.force-enabled to true.

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