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Graphics, User Interfaces As an answer to someone asking whether Unity will require a working OpenGL stack to operate in Ubuntu 11.04 "Natty Narwhal", Mark Shuttleworth announced that Canonical would offer an optional, QT-based, "2D" implementation of Unity. Here is a video, too.
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Ubuntu = Irrelevant
by crhylove on Sun 16th Jan 2011 23:18 UTC
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Yes they are currently the top distro, but they are quickly being supplanted by Linux Mint. The reasons are plentiful, community, speed, but I have to assume the #1 reason is Ubuntu's continuous and unflappable ability to screw up the design scheme beyond all usability. Half ass cloning Mac's design, which is already frustrating to the 90% of the world used to Windows. Hideous browns tans and oranges, only to be supplanted by perhaps even uglier oranges and purples. Overbearing security. Lack of inclusion of nearly all the useful codecs. A continuing decision to cut useful apps (gimp) in favor of cruft. No VLC by default.

Linux Mint is literally 1000x better, and with the move to a debian base instead of Ubuntu, it looks like Ubuntu will be fully irrelevant soon enough. And I say, "ABOUT TIME!"

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RE: Ubuntu = Irrelevant
by Luminair on Sun 16th Jan 2011 23:25 in reply to "Ubuntu = Irrelevant"
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"design scheme"

doesn't exist in open source software. correction, open development software. correction, open ecosystem software. you know what I mean. too many cooks in the kitchen. too many spoons in the pot. too many hands in the pants.

point is you need one guy with style to make something look good. any more or less means a putrid abortion.

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RE: Ubuntu = Irrelevant
by Hiev on Sun 16th Jan 2011 23:48 in reply to "Ubuntu = Irrelevant"
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It would be interesting to know what path mint will take, GNOME Shell or Unity.

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