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Multimedia, AV I generally need a billion words to explain the problems inherit in the current copyright system. Joss Stone needs just one minute. "I don't care how you hear it - as long as you hear it." Can we please appoint Ms Stone as supreme overlord of the universe?
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"Poorly indeed. AFAIK artists only get about 1% of the money their records actually produce, and when the artists sign a contract with such a company the contract usually even has a clause stating that the copyright doesn't belong to the artist anymore.

Call me idealist, but IMHO that's also a form of stealing.

If you want, I've got some official numbers on that matter. They are about the French market, but it's probably the same everywhere.

For physical distribution :
Artist 4%
Producer 5.97%
Studio&Editor 15.6%
Sacem (local RIAA) 4.46%
Distributor 19.95%
Reseller 40.22%
The rest (~10%) is VAT

For online distribution
Artist 2.8%
Producer 7%
Studio&Editor 25.6%
Sacem 7.6%
Digital distributor 35%
Online reseller 1%
DRM&related 5%
The rest (~16%) is VAT

(From : SVM/L'ordinateur individuel n°232, 11/2010)

Think about it : the artist gets much less than even the VAT ^^'

See, now that's really interesting. I've found indications that online distribution is better for musicians.


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Well, at least it seems to depend a lot on what precise mean of distribution you use.

When artists distribute their work directly, be it in a physical or digital way, their revenue is obviously optimal. Makes me happy to have bought Trine's OST directly from the artist's website ;) This is one of the things which paypal is very good for.

Album and track download seem to be equivalent, and mean a 9% share. For a "high end royalty deal" (?), artists can expect more on physical distribution, with a 10% share. On the other hand, for a "low end royalty deal", artists win much less, with 3%.

It is indeed interesting that different sources get numbers that are so different. And that InformationIsBeautiful manages to extract different results from the data they have that the guy who gave it to them. Maybe there's a difference between the UK and FR markets after all ?

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