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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu De kogel is door de kerk. After years of focussing entirely on Gtk+ and GNOME, Ubuntu will finally start evaluating Qt applications for inclusion in the defaukt Ubuntu installation. Mark Shuttleworth announced the policy change on his blog today.
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RE[8]: Talk about arrogance
by mart on Wed 19th Jan 2011 10:09 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: Talk about arrogance"
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Why? It's not about KDE apps, its about QT apps. One could actually question why KDE is not using the existing QSettings stuff but instead went their own way.

If you read Mark's post he talks also about KDE apps in a possible future.. aaanyways.

As I explained in the other message, QSettings is quite limited, and the usage of its API is anot as nice as it would be, for sure not as nice as the rest of Qt API (actually it's one of the things I miss more when I have to write Qt only code)
KConfig support of things like fallback to system wide config or nested groups is a bit better (tough improved a bit in qsettings lately), tough one quite significant architectural difference is the type safety and configuration hange that in KDE is possible to have.

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