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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu De kogel is door de kerk. After years of focussing entirely on Gtk+ and GNOME, Ubuntu will finally start evaluating Qt applications for inclusion in the defaukt Ubuntu installation. Mark Shuttleworth announced the policy change on his blog today.
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RE: KConfig
by mart on Wed 19th Jan 2011 10:58 UTC in reply to "KConfig"
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I am busy right now so can't research myself - how about KDE making a standalone version of KConfig that can use dconf as backend (possibly with canonical-sponsored dconf binding), then suggest Qt developers to use KConfig everywhere (ubuntu, meego, windows, ...).

Everyone wins, right?

yes and no. being standalone or not (that in the ends boils down to having or not a certain dependency) has big advantages and disadvantages. using another library means a whole lot of things you can do "for free" (well sort of) so decide what can be used inside a library or not is not an easy task.

however, we are now in a big effort in modularizing KDElibs more and more, making easy using even just any subset one wants (even providing builds with more or less features targeted for instance to mobile devices and what not) This year will be pretty important in this regard for the technical direction, so I can just say stay tuned ;)

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