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Multimedia, AV I generally need a billion words to explain the problems inherit in the current copyright system. Joss Stone needs just one minute. "I don't care how you hear it - as long as you hear it." Can we please appoint Ms Stone as supreme overlord of the universe?
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[...] Sadly, clueless people seem to think that somehow, the entertainment industry should be exempt from the normal workings of the market that everyone else has to deal with. Why don't we enact laws to protect video stores now that Netflix is here? Why don't we enact a tax on internet use to protect newspapers? [...]

Sadly, we already have this tax in Denmark. Ever empty medium i buy, i have to pay big-content-tax because it CAN be used to infringe on someone's copyright. For access to the internet i have to pay "media license," to support another dying medium, public service television.


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