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Google "Sometimes the sheer wrongness of what is posted on the web leaves us speechless. Especially when it's picked up and repeated as gospel by otherwise reputable sites like Engadget. 'Google copied Oracle's Java code, pasted in a new license, and shipped it', they reported this morning. Sorry, but that just isn't true."
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by JAlexoid on Tue 25th Jan 2011 03:28 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Comment by Radio"
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And this is where even accidental copyright infringement hurts you in a complex lawsuit. If Oracle shows conclusive proof that, accidentally or through negligence Google is likely committing copyright infringement, it will be much harder to get aspects of Oracles lawsuit thrown out quickly. The judge is going to want to take a hard look at the evidence before trusting a company that has shown to be negligent in one aspect of intellectual property. And the long the lawsuit drags on and the worse it looks for Google, the bigger the cloud that will hang over Android.

So while I agree with everyone saying that it's not as big a deal as showing that the core of Android includes copied code, it is a big deal as far as the litigation goes, a very big deal.

Well from my training on the patent matter(I work for a very very large patent filer in US ;) ), we are actively discouraged searching for patents on the matter when we are asked to evaluate our work for "patentability". Thank God, I can just say "I live in a country where software patents are not legal" and stop there.
Why is that? Apparently negligence in patent infringement is treated lighter than knowing of such patents in US.

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