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OSNews, Generic OSes I just want to put up a little notice to inform you all about the lack of updates on the main page. The problem is that I've been hit by the flu and have been down and out since last Thursday, unable to do the news. The rest of the team has been occupied as well, so that explains that. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, and since I've pretty much almost recovered, normal posting schedule will resume either tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest. Thanks for understanding. Also, read more for the most beautiful piece of art ever created in the history of the universe. And I mean it.
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To sum it up :
-> Yes, Thom is, by far, the main contributor. Especially for originals. At the moment, I mostly cut my brand new editor's teeth on PG2 stuff.
-> Kroc and I are not nearly as proficient (nor available) for large-scale original article production. As an example, I've been working on something about hobby OS development for more than a week (due to getting back to university and things like that slowing me down), Thom would probably have completed and published it in 3 days or less ^^
-> If you have some ideas to put together in an original, we are open to contributions ! Everything you need is at .

Oh, and by the way...

There is more news now in the world of Smartphone/Tablet OS than anything else. Now the world is all about iOS, WP7, Android, WebOS, RIM, MeeGo, ...

Maybe OSNews should start to abandon their "alternative" OS nature and drive more into the real thing like the OS's listed above. Just a suggestion.

I'd say that this has already happened. We do not abandon alternative OSs, but since there are few news about them we release more news about the rest.

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