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Windows "A class action lawsuit against Microsoft has been filed in Italy by a group claiming that it's too difficult to procure a refund for the copies of Windows that come bundled in new PCs."
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Just curiosity...
by harcalion on Tue 25th Jan 2011 15:56 UTC
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Does Apple refund you for MacOS X if you buy your Mac to install Windows/Linux?

/EDIT: Confirmed, it does not:

"For Apple Software included with your purchase of hardware, you must return the entire hardware/software package in order to obtain a refund."

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RE: Just curiosity...
by jimmy1971 on Tue 25th Jan 2011 16:16 in reply to "Just curiosity..."
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I agree that Apple should offer a refund. I've never purchased any Apple hardware or the OS listed as a separate line item on the invoice? If it is, then it should be refundable.

There unfortunately is a long-standing tradition of stomping Microsoft every step of the way for proprietary shenanigans but looking the other way when Apple commits the same sins. (In this way, the geek community is collectively like a corrupt wrestling referee who clearly favors one fighter over another.)

As a BSD zealot, Apple gives me a warm gooey feeling inside, and I commend them for their engineering and industrial design prowess. As for respecting user freedom, however, I eye them with as much suspicion as that Redmond company.

All proprietary shenanigans should be stomped equally, regardless of vendor.

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RE: Just curiosity...
by shmerl on Wed 26th Jan 2011 16:46 in reply to "Just curiosity..."
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This as well might be illegal to do, since it violates antitrust laws. However it's still quite tricky, and companies are trying to find all kind of perverted ways to get away with it:

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