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OSNews, Generic OSes I just want to put up a little notice to inform you all about the lack of updates on the main page. The problem is that I've been hit by the flu and have been down and out since last Thursday, unable to do the news. The rest of the team has been occupied as well, so that explains that. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, and since I've pretty much almost recovered, normal posting schedule will resume either tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest. Thanks for understanding. Also, read more for the most beautiful piece of art ever created in the history of the universe. And I mean it.
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What about interviewing OS people?
by Sabon on Tue 25th Jan 2011 18:35 UTC
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Maybe nobody at OS/News is good at it, I'm not. How about seeing if you can work together to come up a list of questions (or even asking us) about what you/we would want to ask person X about the OS they either work on or are the visionary on.

Don't do interviews where you email them questions and have them email back. Those rarely work for well.

Be prepared to let them set the direction of the interview unless it gets really off topic (such as the interviewee saying, "I'm particularly interested in the color of bluejays". I don't think I'm interested in that.)

If they get off topic, pull them back in with another question and again let them run with it and then ask another question.

Also be prepared with other questions about where the topics might go AND be prepared with the person being interviewed not being interested in that line of discussions and shelve those questions.

I've seen too many interviews where someone has a set list of questions and doesn't listen to the person being interviewed and they miss a great line of thinking or they bore the poor person half to death asking variation of a theme of questioning the person is definitely not interested in talking about.

I REALLY wish I was good at this as I would try to take the time and see if I could do the interviews. However, I'm not good at doing this. My talents definitely lay elsewhere.

So ... If you have someone on staff that you feel could do this, PLEASE have them spend the quality time it takes to do it right and I promise that a good group of us will be fascinated.

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