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OSNews, Generic OSes I just want to put up a little notice to inform you all about the lack of updates on the main page. The problem is that I've been hit by the flu and have been down and out since last Thursday, unable to do the news. The rest of the team has been occupied as well, so that explains that. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, and since I've pretty much almost recovered, normal posting schedule will resume either tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest. Thanks for understanding. Also, read more for the most beautiful piece of art ever created in the history of the universe. And I mean it.
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Alternate OSs are not dead
by Sabon on Tue 25th Jan 2011 18:45 UTC
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Alternate OSs are not dead. The "problem" is that the people running this site are not interested in alternate OSs.

For instance, there is rarely any news on THIS website about OS/2 - eComStation. However, there is definitely news about it on and other websites on a daily basis. So there IS news about this OS. OS/News is just not interested in reporting about this OS.

There is rarely any talk about any UNIX other than BSD. Actually there isn't that much talk about BSD at all.

How about a series of articles talking about the different Linux distributions. HOW and WHY are they different? What is the philosophy, the vision behind each one. Why were they created and where are they going that is different than the other distributions. Are they light or "heavy". Under which kind of circumstances would I pick X over Y?

How about posting FAKE news. News that is said right up front is fake in order to get people who ordinarily stay hidden would pop up and say, "HEY, THAT ISN'T RIGHT! and will respond with something that IS right AND is interesting.

Poke the bears and lions and make them wake up. Make them angry if you have to in order to get them to respond.

News isn't always reactionary.

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Your submission tab is empty. Why?

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I work 60 to 70 hours a week. I jump on here and other sites while I'm waiting for a server to reboot or when compiling programs.

Sorry but no OS stuff. Just proprietary stuff for the org that I work for.

When I'm not working my wife either wants part of my time or a divorce. So far the time I'm not working goes to her, sleep, and sometimes fun.

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