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BeOS & Derivatives A few months ago, a bounty for porting Gallium3D to Haiku was submitted. As the target sum of $2000 has been reached, what's needed now is a developer interested in doing the actual coding work. (Gallium3D is a cross-platform video driver API, on which an increasing number of open-source Linux drivers are based.)
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by umccullough on Wed 26th Jan 2011 04:47 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: ...."
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Having a very small subset of source code in a big repo alone is insufficient to raise awareness; this is very easy to miss.

Technically, the Gallium3D porting effort is an entire "development branch" of the Haiku codebase...but I see your point. Not much attention gets paid to those branches.

What may help make people more aware of such initiatives is if they had a home page with some of the basic info about the project (summary, goals, contact info, repo link, how to get involved, etc.), perhaps in the form of a microsite under the Haiku website.

At the time that it was started, I remember some excitement on the commit list and/or development mailing list. I don't seem to see any blog posts from Artur (the developer who was working on it), and it seems the project was "flying under the radar" so to speak.

I do recall some buzz about it on some news sites, however - but at this moment, you're right - there's no visibility. I just thought perhaps it would have been mentioned in relation to the bounty by now and was surprised that it hadn't been ;)

In any case, it looks like Karl added a blurb about it, so hopefully that will add some inspiration to any would-be takers, knowing that there is already some (significant?) progress made toward the port.

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by Michael Oliveira on Wed 26th Jan 2011 12:27 in reply to "RE[5]: ...."
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Yes.. softpipe was working (slowly) until a few releases ago.. but now will be necessary update the gallium branch...

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