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Hardware, Embedded Systems Thinking that HP's memristors can't arrive early enough on the market? Here's competition already! A team at North Carolina State University, led by Dr Paul Franzon, has unveiled the "double floating-gate field effect transistor", a component based on the same principles as flash memory which would allow to store data for "a couple of years" in around 15 nanoseconds.
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RE[5]: No trust in...
by Laurence on Wed 26th Jan 2011 16:51 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: No trust in..."
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OK, but I didn't tarnish anything or think it's pointless: I've even cited the applications where that new storage would be useful to me.

I didn't say it's a driver issue either. Both the driver example and the windows 2000 thing were meant to illustrate "I guess hardware advances need the appropriate software to be useful". I'm starting to think I write a very bad English.

Sorry mate. It's me. I'm half asleep.

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