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Google It seems like the content industry has managed to score another hit in its 'fight' against piracy, and this time, it's a big fish. Announced a few weeks ago already, Google has started censoring its auto-complete and instant features for an arbitrary set of search terms - such as 'bittorrent', 'torrent', 'rapidshare', and any terms derived from those (e.g. 'ubuntu torrent' is censored as well).
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Here's a solution to the filetypes
by atriq on Fri 28th Jan 2011 04:39 UTC
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Start calling bittorrent files ".schmidt" files. ;)

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That will work for exactly as long as it takes for media companies and Google to figure it out. It's a band-aid and not a final solution.

The only way to stop this kind of garbage (if it's even possible) is to put the big media companies out of business. Problem is, almost all of us are hooked. I personally listen to mostly indie and self-produced music these days, but not everyone's tastes lie that way. Also, what little television I like is all mainstream, and a lot of it is unsafe to torrent because they are really watching the p2p streams and reporting to ISPs. I wouldn't dare risk a box office torrent.

Besides, if you must stick with mainstream entertainment, why torrent movies at all (at least here in the States) when Netflix and Redbox are so cheap and easy? Gone are the days of $5 Blockbuster rentals that are never in stock on release day. Between the above services and free digital TV via the antenna in my attic, I'm covered on visual entertainment.

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