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Multimedia, AV Francis Ford Coppola is one of the most prestigious and critically acclaimed directors in cinematographic history. He directed, among others, the Godfather trilogy and Apocalypse Now, and has won so many awards it's hard to keep track. In an interview with 99%, he touched on the subject of art and making money, and his musings are fascinating, and yet another indication that the times are changing in the content industry. "Who says artists have to make money?" Coppola wonders.
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You still have it ALL wrong
by Sabon on Mon 31st Jan 2011 17:36 UTC
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Any royalties shouldn't be tied to any set years but change to "artist's lifetime". I am FULLY against making income from someone's artistic life's work and making money on it.

"Get their own job".

At the same time, the company distributing the product should only be able to recoup distribution fees, meaning the cost of distribution plus a "reasonable" fee.

So if there are 10 artists involved, the cost someone buying the content should be reduced each time an artist dies.

As for "free radio/tv". In American that is TOTALLY wrong. It is NOT free. It is either subsidized by commercials, hence "commercial radio/tv" or "public radio/tv" which is subsidized by public (including govt) and private donations.

As for the esteemed director saying he doesn't need to be paid much. He is taking into account that he made a fortune through wine. Everyone should be so lucky.

As for artists getting rich off their talents? Better artists should make "more" just like in any field. But I FULLY agree that the top artists make waaaaaaay too much. The same it true with top basketball players (well all pro basketball players making more than maybe four times what their average fan is making.

At the same time, "owners" make waaaaaay too much also.

Don't get me started on any company where the top people make more times the medium that employees make.

Keep in mind that I am satisfied with the amount that I make. It is modest but above average for America. I could easily make more, and used to, but decided "life" was much more important than spending all my time at work. I decided that while I was in my 30s so this wasn't a mid-life crises kind of thing.

Monday is paper. Family is not. In the end everything is dust. Be good to others. Find someone to love. Life shouldn't be all about money and only money. Greed is evil, money is not. Be happy.

Note: I am NOT a communist. People that don't do a good job should make less than other people. The state should not own everything. If you aren't WILLING to work you shouldn't get paid.

Note: Willing and Able "can" be totally different.

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