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Google The web is already aflame with Google's accusation that Bing is stealing its search results. Google created code to manually rank certain bogus search terms, and ten created mock web pages as the top search results for these bogus terms. It turned out that Bing would list the exact same mock web pages as its top search result for these bogus terms. Google is unhappy with it, but in all honesty - since when is it wrong to copy in the computer business?
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Using others peoples ideas is fine by me, but using others peoples data/source code without their consent is totally not OK.
And by using users as an intermediary MS just grabbed Googles data.(If that is even true, I have my doubts. Just grabbing the result straight from Google would explain the tests Google did way way better)

And anyways, MS actively sues other companies for patent violations where Google grants some of their really important patents (on bigtable for example)

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It's not Google's data, it's the user's data. The user consents when they install the Bing toolbar. MS isn't stealing anything from anybody, at least in this case.

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