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Google The web is already aflame with Google's accusation that Bing is stealing its search results. Google created code to manually rank certain bogus search terms, and ten created mock web pages as the top search results for these bogus terms. It turned out that Bing would list the exact same mock web pages as its top search result for these bogus terms. Google is unhappy with it, but in all honesty - since when is it wrong to copy in the computer business?
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RE: Correction:
by th3rmite on Wed 2nd Feb 2011 09:19 UTC in reply to "Correction:"
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Google really got on my bad side when they admitted publicly that they would not hesitate to give any data collected from their users' search habits to government agencies,

I feel the same way about retail shops. I can't stand the thought of committing a crime inside of Walmart and knowing that they would cooperate with the damn government in order to catch me. Don't they care about my privacy? Any company that helps the government catch criminals is just not cool in my book.

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RE[2]: Correction:
by UltraZelda64 on Wed 2nd Feb 2011 20:27 in reply to "RE: Correction:"
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What did Bing "steal" by using the data Google's servers have built up by monitoring their users? Does Google have to get Microsoft employees arrested to "get" their precious data back? No.

This is not theft; Bing didn't "take" anything from Google. Google still owns and maintains the servers, which continue to "learn" what people search for.

Comparing this to shoplifting is ridiculous.

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RE[3]: Correction:
by th3rmite on Thu 3rd Feb 2011 00:34 in reply to "RE[2]: Correction:"
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I guess I used a bad comparison. I wasn't commenting on Bing using Google's data. I was commenting on your side remark about how you don't like the fact that Google would be unhesitant to assist the US Government in turning over data.

I agree with you, if the data is available for the public, then of course somebody is going to use to their advantage.

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