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Google The web is already aflame with Google's accusation that Bing is stealing its search results. Google created code to manually rank certain bogus search terms, and ten created mock web pages as the top search results for these bogus terms. It turned out that Bing would list the exact same mock web pages as its top search result for these bogus terms. Google is unhappy with it, but in all honesty - since when is it wrong to copy in the computer business?
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RE[3]: Priceless
by Tony Swash on Wed 2nd Feb 2011 15:11 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Priceless"
Tony Swash
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Quoting Daniel Eril Didupdidup defeats your point. He is the biggest fraud in the tech industry - an even bigger fraud than John Gruber.

Presumably when you say "fraud" what you mean is that both writers say things that you disagree with. Interesting choice of words as it implies that to hold a view different to your own is somehow illegitimate, fraudulent, perhaps even criminal.

We all have differing and sometimes strong views on many topics, let's just try to accept that to hold opposing view is legitimate and actually rather healthy.

I would like to know what you actually disagree with in the quote I posted.

Also if Google (or you) believes that information needs to be free then is there anything inherently wrong with Bing using Google information to improve it's search results?.

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