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Internet & Networking "Since the last year with all the hype around HTML5 and the buzz about 'how HTML5 is going to save the web' and that 'Flash is dead', etc., a lot of people started to believe that HTML5 is ready for production and that it is more stable and has a better performance than Flash... Since the beginning I've been saying to everyone that it isn't true and it won't be for a long time."
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RE: HTML isn't there yet
by JeffS on Fri 4th Feb 2011 16:45 UTC in reply to "HTML isn't there yet"
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The linked article is not complaining about HTML5, itself.

It's complaining that HTML5 is in beta state, but Apple and Microsoft are touting it has the way to go, even though they know it is incomplete, and their own implementations are buggy and incomplete and inconsistent as hell.

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