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Amiga & AROS Icaros Desktop, the distribution for i386 PC of the AROS Research Operating System (an open source revival of classic AmigaOS) reached version 1.2.6 and introduces new improvements and features.
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Bochs emulation speed
by Neolander on Fri 4th Feb 2011 18:14 UTC
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Whoever would complain about Bochs' emulation speed would be missing the whole point of this piece of software, in my opinion.

Bochs is about fine-tuned, highly accurate x86(_64) emulation. You can emulate a wide range of processors and processor capabilities with it, and it has some pedantic obstination in closely mimicking the behavior of some real-world BIOSes, CPUs, buses, etc, save for some tricks like the zeroed-out RAM and the e9 port hack.

This makes it a perfect fit for OS development. But when you want to emulate a stable OS for testing purposes, you generally don't want all this stuff, just something which runs as fast as possible, which is noticeable implying an emulated machine which is as close to the hardware you run it on as possible (to reduce the emulation overhead). The design decisions of software suited for this purpose, like VirtualBox, reflect that.

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