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Google "Google may be planning to keep Android 2 and 3 segregated in a long-term split of the platform, according to a ViewSonic source on Monday. The 2.4 update, once thought to be called Ice Cream, is now said to be a continuation of Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) that would simply add backwards compatibility for dual-core apps on single-core phones. Ice Cream, Pocket-lint heard, should be Android 3.1 and would keep the two apart in features and the interface."
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And here I was complaining about minor performance issues on my iPhone 3G...

Seriously Google, I really want my next phone to be an Android, but I also want my phones to last 2 years, and still being supported!

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What makes you think older versions of the OS are unsupported? They aren't, and they still get updated software, even OS software like Market and Maps.

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Android 1.6 is the oldest supported version to get any of the new updates, like the Android Market updates.

Yet you can still buy phones with Android 1.5 installed, without any (official) way to upgrade them to anything newer (like my wife's 6-month old LG Eve). ;)

It's almost time to consider rooting the phone and installing a custom ROM like OpenEtna.

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