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Debian and its clones Oh glorious day! After two years of development, one of the prime Linux distributions has pushed out a new release - Debian 6.0 'Squeeze' has been released. The most fascinating aspect fo this new release is that it includes Debian/kFreeBSD s a technology preview, which fascinates me to no end. Of course, there's a whole lot more, including a brand new website for the project - the first major redesign in 13 years.
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RE[4]: kfreebsd
by Barnabyh on Tue 8th Feb 2011 12:13 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: kfreebsd"
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Interesting in this context is the experience when DistroWatch switched from FreeBSD to Debian in September 2007 after a DDoS attack.
Debian was way faster to install and set up which was important to get the site back online, but regenerating the hit rankings every evening with a cron job took 40 minutes on FreeBSD and 130 mins. with Debian 4.0.

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RE[5]: kfreebsd
by TheGZeus on Tue 8th Feb 2011 13:06 in reply to "RE[4]: kfreebsd"
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I believe the Linux kernel was notably slower than FreeBSD's at that time, but has caught-up (and surpassed it in areas) at this point.

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RE[6]: kfreebsd
by lucas_maximus on Tue 8th Feb 2011 13:15 in reply to "RE[5]: kfreebsd"
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Missing the point somewhat aren't we ...

It depends what it is faster at doing.

The problem is that phoronix did not have a benchmark for a "proper" database e.g. PostGreSQL or MySQL (I am not sure if Oracle can run on FreeBSD). It does not have a benchmark for filtering network packets, how many pages it can serve etc etc.

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